Friday, November 28, 2008

I am No Longer Going to Feel Guilty about Who I Am

I no longer am going to feel guilty about who I am. If a guy wants to be with me and can accept me for who I am great, if not that is his loss. I am saying this in response to this motto: Never make someone a priority who makes you his option.

Also, I am no longer going to feel guilty about wanting to have a man who wants to take an interest in my life, my family, and the things that are important to me. I also am no longer going to feel guilty about having wants, needs, and desires.

I take my time to appreciate what is important to my mate so they should do the same for me. I will explain it using the following scenario:

I may not like drag racing but I may once in awhile attend a match if that is what he is really into doing. Likewise, I might occasionally watch gangster or drug dealing movies (not my favorite kind), or listen to heavy metal music.

I will, because I am open-minded. However, I will stop if he never returns the favor by doing this such as the following: Listen and/or appreciate the kind of music I like, watch the kind of movies I want to watch, or participate the sports I enjoy.

My likes and dislikes are just as important as his!

I don't expect a man to always to everything that I would want to do. I just really mostly want him to know me for who I am and for what I like, and to respect me as a different person and not try to change me. 

I also don't want him to think my whole entire life should revolve around his. Otherwise, he would have a double standard if he tries to say I am clingy (which actually I am not. Pa-lease! I like my space!) What am I really trying to say? I have an identity, and it's not in the person I date.

I am my own person, and the person I am with should accept me for who I am. I no longer and going to feel guilty about being me.