Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The "Hurry Up and Wait" Trap

Oh, don't people love to play this game! Parents do this to grown children because they want grandchildren. Boyfriends or girlfriends do this because they are insecure.

My ex-fiancĂ© and me used to call it the "hurry up and wait" game. Oh how our families made us nervous. They wanted us to have grandchildren and babies, yet they always acted every time we talked about wedding plans.

I suppose the fact that we were on again and off again did not help much, but that's life. All I know is that the "hurry up and wait" game is a trap.

What is the "hurry up and wait" trap?

It involves two people who think they are in love and who think they want to be together. However, often it is because its what they think that their parents want that they try to rush to get married. Yet, the parents who seem to be rushing them to get married also at the same time want the two people to be sure of each other.

On the other hand, the scenario may be something like this: Some parents want their children to get married so bad that the adult children winds up rushing into a marriage. Then, after it is too late the adult child realizes it may have been a mistake to get married to the person he/she did. Still, it all happened with very little concern of the parents just because the parents wanted grandchildren.

The two sample cases mentioned above are very detrimental to society, in my opinion anyway. The "hurry up and wait" game or the "hurry up" game is probably one of the reasons for the rampant divorce rate these days. Not that there is an excuse for divorce.

The point of this is...?

The point is that the "hurry up and wait" business needs to stop. People should get married when they want to get married to who they want to get married to because they are in love.

They should not get married for any other reason. Of course, I am saying to myself I hope I never fall into the trap of marrying for a reason other than love.

Now, as for the "hurry up and wait" games that couples play those can truly hurt the most. I wonder how many people have been wooed by broken promises of a life together-so much so that they have lost the ability to even believe that a happily ever after even exists.

On the other hand, if it is not meant to be it is not meant to be. Why force it? Just let it go and move on-eventually!