Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Things Men Say that Women Can't Stand

Original post date: 8/2/2008

Hello women. You've heard these lines before, and after awhile it just gets so tiring. These are the top 7 things men say when a relationship starts to be "going to fast" for them.

(By the way, I must admit that I am writing this partly out of pure revenge. It's a little bit therapeutic as well. It will keep me from slashing anybody's tires. Not that I would ever do that, just to be perfectly clear.)

~~1. "Just be Patient with me." Okay, we can be patient for a time. We can for a time feel sorry for you that your older children are in and out of Juvenal Hall (if they are), your ex-girlfriend keeps leaving harassing phone messages, or your ex-wife cheated on you. However, after awhile enough is enough already. Too much drama.  

~~2. "I'm not good at emotional support." Your right you are not, because you always so self-absorbed thinking you are the only one with problems. If this is you, sometimes I think you deserve to die alone-the way you use women. If you really loved me you could at least show me a little bit of compassion from time to time.

~~3. I'm too Afraid of Being Hurt. Please tell me fellow sistershow many times  that you fell for that line. The sad thing it works, too. Us women are suckers for the "too afraid of being hurt" line.

However, after awhile it ruins us, because we are constantly trying to prove we are "better" than the last girlfriend or wife our men were with. The "too afraid of being hurt" line is what a guy often says when he want's a woman just for sex because he has too much emotional baggage.

~~4. I am slow about moving in a relationship. Oh, what easy way to get a women really mad! Oooh. This line just pisses her off the most (or at least it pisses me off the most). I would be rich if I were to earn a dollar every time I heard this.

Slow about moving in a relationship eh? Yeah, you sure don't seem to be very slow about letting me do...(fill in the blank)! I love telling that to a man, seeing him get all defensive, because he's using me and he knows it. If you want a meaningful relationship do not give yourself to a man like this.

~~5. I don't think I ever want to get married. Be careful. You may just get what you wish for. A man who says this to a woman can really cause a chain reaction. Most likely she is going to retaliate by thinking of all the reasons why she should not marry you (or at least that is true in my case).

In fact, men, more and more women are starting to think they never want to be married either because they are so tired of your cowardly games.

An addendum to this point: Older men have a tendency to carry baggage about women who have used them for their money. In the worst-case scenario someone's wife's extramarital lover even tried to kill a man for insurance money. My response to this is go ahead and hold on to that bitterness and fear-and keep your money. I don't need it or want it.

~~6. I am concerned about your emotional stability. Ha ha! I just have to laugh-Especially if it is true that your ex was truly a psycho like you say she is. You didn't seem to be too concerned about my emotional stability while I know...(It shouldn't be too hard for you to figure

out what I am talking about.)...If you were really concerned about my emotional well-being then why are you with me in the first place? Maybe you are the sick one. Grow up.

~~7. I think we are better off as friends. This statement is a cousin to "this relationship is moving to fast" or "let's take it slow." You want to either sleep with more than one person or you want to befriend me and sleep with someone else, after trying to convince me for weeks you are the most romantic person in the whole entire world.