Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Ya Say Ya Want to Get Married Eh? Prove It!

I don't know how many times I have met a man and he says he wants to get married and have kids. Yet, he spends more money on his crotch rocket, old cars, video games, or beer than he does on his girlfriends.

Either that or he just does not want to stop talking to his ex (other than if it pertains to kids involved). If that is the case, why is he trying to get married to someone new?

I personally think a man is ready to get married if he does one or more of the following:

~~He thinks of his significant other more than (or as much as) himself. For instance, he will not always be thinking of what "toys" he wants to play with. Instead, he will think at least temporarily of what he and his partner can invest in together.

~~He is willing to discuss issues rationally. If he is not, especially when it comes to money or resources, he is not willing to give up control. Either that or he just cannot be trusted or he is immature and selfish. However, if he is into pooling all your resources together than you know he is ready for marriage.

~~He's not living with "mommy."  A man who lives with or hangs out with his mother way too often is not ready to leave the nest. Even if he rent his own place now and spends more time with his mom than his girlfriend he is not mature enough for marriage. However, a person who is an adult and ready for marriage will have a social life more than two feet from his umbilical cord.

~~His life is not filled with excess drama. Every family has problems, and everyone these days has a past. However, if he lets family, friends, ex-girlfriend or anything come between you and him then he is not ready for marriage. On the other hand, if he is willing to allow an open and honest discussion about any issues that may arise you know he is a keeper.

~~He trusts you with his children (if he has any).This is important for those who are going to be involved with a man with children. If he is not ready to let you be a part of the ready-made family then he is not ready for marriage. On the contrary, if he slowly allows you more chances to bond with his children then you know he really trusts you and loves you.